About Ampio Pharmaceuticals

Ampio Pharmaceuticals is an innovative drug discovery and development company combining scientific, clinical, and manufacturing capabilities to develop novel immunology-based therapies aimed at treating prevalent inflammatory conditions for which limited treatment options exist.

Ampio’s therapeutic product pipeline is the result of more than two decades of research at leading hospital-based research centers. Significant discoveries in both scientific and clinical research have been published in peer-reviewed journals, highlighting the depth of research supporting Ampion’s therapeutic capabilities. Ampion is backed by an extensive patent portfolio and eligible for 12-year FDA market exclusivity upon approval as a novel biologic under the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA)

Ampio operates a modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility built to support clinical supply, product/process development, and the long-term commercial production of Ampion. The facility meets international regulatory compliance standards and has the capacity to support global demand.

At Ampio, we strive to offer compelling therapeutic options for the patients most in need of new treatments, and we operate every day to advance our products’ development to make them available to patients suffering from debilitating, and sometimes life-threatening, inflammatory diseases.

Ampion regulates the immune response

Ampion uses the power of the immune response and is in development to treat osteoarthritis, respiratory illness due to COVID-19, and a wide range of other debilitating and life-threatening inflammatory conditions.

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