Ampio Pharmaceuticals Pipeline

Ampio’s lead product candidate, Ampion, is a platform for treating multiple inflammatory conditions and is being studied in a wide range of serious, debilitating and often life-threatening inflammatory diseases in the joints, lungs, kidneys, and other organs.

 R&DPreclinicalPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Approval
Inflammatory Joint Disease
OA of the Knee
OA of the Hand
Inflammatory Lung Disease
COVID Long Hauler
Research and Development
Kidney Disease
Pediatric Disease

Ampio’s osteoarthritis (OA) program looks at safety and efficacy of Ampion injection in the joint. The FDA has accepted the results of one pivotal Phase III trial of Ampion for osteoarthritis of the knee (OAK). The second confirmatory Phase III study is currently being conducted. Treatment in other joints is being explored with one complete Phase I trial for osteoarthritis of the hand (OAH).

Ampio has initiated early-stage clinical trials for Ampion to treat inflammatory complications seen with COVID-19 infection, like acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). A Phase I study has been completed which evaluated the safety of Ampion delivered intravenously (IV) to treat COVID-19, and a second Phase I study is currently underway to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Ampion administered through inhalation therapy to treat lung complications due to COVID-19. Additional Phase II/III global studies are planned.

Proof-of-concept in vitro studies have been initiated for other inflammatory conditions.

Ampion regulates the immune response

Ampion uses the power of the immune response and is in development to treat osteoarthritis, respiratory illness due to COVID-19, and a wide range of other debilitating and life-threatening inflammatory conditions.

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