Board of Directors

Our board of directors has a broad range of expertise in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices across product development, executive and financial management, commercialization, and corporate development.

Michael Macaluso founded DMI Life Sciences, Inc., our predecessor, and has been a member of the board of directors of DMI Life Sciences, Inc. since its inception. Mr. Macaluso has also been a member of our Board of Directors since the merger with Chay Enterprises in March 2010, our Chief Executive Officer since January 9, 2012 and the Chairman of our Board of Directors since May 2010. In addition, Mr. Macaluso has served as the Chairman of Aytu BioScience’s (AYTU) Compensation Committee since 2019. Mr. Macaluso was appointed President of Isolagen, Inc. (ILE) and served in that position from June 2001 to August 2001, when he was appointed Chief Executive Officer. In June 2003, Mr. Macaluso was re-appointed as President of Isolagen and served as both Chief Executive Officer and President until September 2004. Mr. Macaluso also served on the board of directors of Isolagen from June 2001 until April 2005. From October 1998 until June 2001, Mr. Macaluso was the owner of Page International Communications, a manufacturing business. Mr. Macaluso was a founder and principal of International Printing and Publishing, a position Mr. Macaluso held from 1989 until 1997, when he sold that business to a private equity firm. Mr. Macaluso’s experience in executive management and marketing within the pharmaceutical industry, monetizing company opportunities and corporate finance led to the conclusion of our Board of Directors that he should serve as a director of our company in light of our business and structure.


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