Ampio operates a modern, state-of-the-art facility to support clinical supply, product/process development, and the long-term commercial production of Ampion. The facility meets international regulatory compliance standards and has the capacity to support global demand.

Our research, manufacturing, and quality teams play an important role in every phase of Ampion development, from product and process development to manufacturing and distribution. The manufacturing facility utilizes closed, single-use, aseptic line sets for the entire wet path to minimize capital expenditure, cleaning requirements, contamination from the environment, and production times while maximizing flexibility and scalability. The facility is designed to support multiple configurations of Ampion drug delivery (injection, IV, inhalation) using modular cleanrooms, no fixed equipment, and flexible manufacturing arrangements due to the use of closed systems. This modular cleanroom concept can be efficiently duplicated in other parts of the world to support global distribution.

Ampion regulates the immune response

Ampion uses the power of the immune response and is in development to treat osteoarthritis, respiratory illness due to COVID-19, and a wide range of other debilitating and life-threatening inflammatory conditions.

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